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An Australian in Uppsala
8th October 2002


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Winter is coming and I got my first snow!!

Well guess what? Sunday night we got our first little bit of snow here! It is very early for snow and it just melted immediately but it was still cool.
It is getting much colder here now with the weather in the 2 - 10 range most days. This is exactly what I want as I have hoped to go straight from summer into winter and snow without any of this autumn rubbish. It is just a waste of my valuable time. We have their autumn cold at home. I just need snow!
I have bought a proper winter jacket for the winter. Real down and only 300 bucks! Not bad I thought for real down.
We had Angela and Duncan over from London on the weekend. It was great fun! They were only over for one day as they got free tickets from RyanAir. They were a little late but got in to Stockholm OK. Paula and I came down to great the and we had a great night out on the turps and at dinner. Unfortunately Paula and I managed to miss our last bus to Uppsala because some idiot decided to get a burger! (Yes it was me) We ended up having the choice of waiting 4 hours for the first train or getting a taxi back. 200 dollars later we got home. Very nasty mistake! Oh well we all need to learn sometimes!
Still working on the photos. Hope to have them up soon.

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