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An Australian in Uppsala
20th December 2002 page 2


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More news from a bad boy

TV is OK over here. Only problem is the ad breaks are too long. They only come half as often though. It does give a chance to actually what two programs if the ads work out though and also easily gives a chance to make cups of tea etc. Only problem is no cricket and Sweden loses everything in sport! It is a little tough for an Aussie to come over here and see their adopted country lose things. We just would stand for it! Anyway I am hopping I will be here for the 2006 World Cup in Germany! Go Aussie Go!!!
We are going up to Sundsvall (where Paulas parent live) for Crissie and New Years so that should be fun. Were taking the cross-country skis up which should be enormous amounts of fun. It was extremely funny after we had bought the skis because we had to wax them. Unfortunately neither Paula or myself really knew how to do it so there was an issue. The guy we bought them off explained to Paula how it was done, all in Swedish, and then sold us a waxing kit. Unfortunately he explained all about glide wax and then sold us sticky wax. You see there is the unsticky glide wax, exactly the same stuff used on snowboards and downhill skis, and there is sticky wax used for cross-country to allow you to get some grip in the middle of your skis when your going along. As such I waxed to whole ski except the middle bit with the sticky wax and put nothing in the middle. Exactly wrong!! I didnt know this for a while and had one skiing session like this. It was really hard and I could imagine how people did this for long distances.
At the baptism we found out how it was supposed to be done then we bought de-waxing fluid (AJ it is exactly the same citrus degreaser we have for bikes!!) and got rid of the sticky wax then put on both the glide wax and the sticky wax properly. This involves melting the wax with an iron and the ironing it in. It takes a long time but it is done now. I am looking forward to the week in Sundsvall where I can give the skis a good run.
I have a new mobile now with the number on the front page. Please feel free to SMS me. Yes it does work. I am also, while I am in Sundsvall use the extra PC time to email everyone I know with my email, mobile and website address. I am getting far to few emails for my liking!
Oh well more updates and pictures when I get to Sundsvall and have some real PC time.

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