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An Australian in Uppsala
15th November 2002


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Evil Kirk hasn't updated the page for ages!!

I know I know. I am truly the most evil person under the sun for not updating the webpage.
Lots has beeen happening here, thus the lack of updates. I have been going to my SFI course every day (that is the government run course) and my swedish is inproving no end. I can now have conversations on a range of different topics with a range of different people. Unfortunately I still can't understand people whenever there is noise around so that makes parties and resturants a little interesting.
We have been going to a range of parties lately. We had a halloween party at an american friend's house which was a lot of fun. I went as a platypus and Jennifer (the american girl) recognised me immediately. Lots of fun was had until Kirk (I know shock horror) had maybe one too many beers. Oh well the same old story. I keep trying to drink as much as I could drink in Melbourne in Sweden but I am only drinking once every couple of weeks here instead of once every couple of hours like in Melbourne!
It has been snowing here. I stress the use of the past tense. It was fantastic last week. 10-15cm of snow everywhere, I was so excited. Then came the rain and what had taken a whole week of good snowing to make was gone in about 2 hours. Nothing but sludge, mud and the little rocks that stopped everything from being too slippery when it was icy. It was very dissapointing and I am hankering for some more.
On the job front there is still nothing.
It's been nice to read about us pounding on the poms in the first test!! Go Aussie Go!!

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