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An Australian in Uppsala
8th February 2003


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First Time Skiing

We went up to Klövsjö skiing with two friends of our Fredrik and Turin. Klövsjö is 500 odd kms north of Uppsala. We stayed with Fredriks family as this is were he is from. I had my first day skiing today and it was great. I didnt fall over too many times and was doing parallel turns on my second or third run, very good according to everyone. I did a blue run on my forth or fifth run but really struggled and we went back at the end of the day and it was fine.  My legs ache though. It is like walking up three thousand steps. I think it should be better tomorrow because when I started out I wasnt leaning forward enough, the key issue according to Fredrik. So more blue runs tomorrow and I hope my legs can hold out.


We had a very nice dinner tonight. We ate reindeer and handpick, forest mushrooms in a creamy sauce. It was very nice and not that much different from a nice steak but a little stronger in steak. I think Ill stick to Skippy as my TV animal of choice over Rudolf though but he does come a close second. Really Rudolf only has a part in the odd TV special not his own series. I did think of a good song for him though.


"Rudolf the red nose reindeer had a very tasty arse and if you every ask me its cause he eats moss not grass." They do you know, eat moss that is, not big on grass as it seems.


Work is going really well. The guys are all really cool and we are all going skiing again in the second week of March. The product seems really good and better than anything else out there in the marketplace. I will be having to do a deal of travel to conferences and the like. I am going on a road show in England on the 24-28th of February and off to the US in the first week in April. It should be a lot of fun and hopefully we can develop a few really good leads.

Go Aussie Go!