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An Australian in Uppsala
2nd - 5th September 2002


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Flight and UK

Had a great flight from Perth through to the UK. Sat next to an extremely nice couple from Melbourne on the flight from Perth through to Jo'berg. Had a great time making fun of a couple of extremely drunk Sounth Africans (no offense to Toni and Sherri).
Got heaps of sleep on the flight from Jo'berg to London and again sat next to an extremely nice South African gentleman. Meet up with Duncan for breakfast which was fun! Talked crap about all the stuff he has been doing and his and Angela's future plans. Caught a train to Bristol and caught up with my Gradparent for a couple of days. Thanks for having me by the way it was most appreciated. I also got to spend some time with my cousins which I hadn't meet until a couple of moths ago. Great little fellas. I hope they have a ball when they go to Oz next year! Got to have a little look around Bristol which was great.
As an aside I sat across from an older gentleman on the train out to Bristol and we got talking. It turns out he is one of the Big Cheeses in Paula's area of research. He was one of the founding fathers and had been at a conference with Paula's professor not two weeks earlier. Small world!
Anyway I grabbed a train back to London and got to have dinner with Angela and Duncan. We had a great dineer and BYO'd our great WA wine. The waiter seemed a bit shocked that someone would want to bring their own wine but agreed to open it for us. We had a great night knocking off a bottle of the Woodlands Estate 1999 Cab Merlot, a bottle of 1999 E&T Shiraz and a fantastic bottle of vintage port from Portugal. A fantastic night!
I had to take the train out to Stanstead to sleep on the floor for the night (Yes it was more uncomfortable than it sounds) so I could get my 7am flight out to Stockholm. Don't ask why, it was cheap!
Flight was pretty good. I can recommend Ryanair. Good plane, good service though they haven't quite got the hiring policy of Virgin Blue if you know what I mean? Got to Sweden fine and had a 2 1/2 hour trip up to Uppsala to meet my baby!

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