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An Australian in Uppsala
6-12th September


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First week in Uppsala

I had a very nice first week in Uppsala although all has not quite gone to plan.
The apartment is nice. Small but I knew that already. Nice floor boards, nice paint job. Enough space on the couch for one visitor (nudge, nudge, wink, wink!). Very nice part of town with shops close and not too far to the train station. Paula and I are enjoying cooking together and setting up our little home. All in all very comfortable.
I am enjoying the unseasonably great weather here. We haven't had a maximum below 20 since I got here but it is supposed to get crappy this weekend.
I had my two job interviews. Both went well though haven't quite worked out for different reasons. I went to the first interview for the conference sales job. It seems this is just a telesales job with no face-face, no travel, no after-sales releationships just heaps of telesales cold calling. Not quite what I was after but I went for two interviews before saying no. They said I could call them if I was on the market again as they are always looking for people. I think they would have give me the job but I wouldn't have been able to do my fulltime Swedish course and it wouln't have fit very well with where I want to go so...
Second one was much more promising. A great company with a half sales, half engineering job. Would be fantastic! A bit of a hike to get there but you can't have everything. I had a good chat with them and it seemed to fit them and myself very well. The only problem is they can't justify putting someone on at the moment. The market hasn't turned up as much as they need it to to justify another head. Damn!! Oh well you get that.
More later!!

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