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An Australian in Uppsala
20th December 2002


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Lots of news from a bad boy

Hello everyone! I know long-time no hear. I'm sorry I haven't been updating the page for ages but I have had some news that I didn't want to put on for fear of jinxing myself.

I have applied for and had an interview for a job a GE Medical Systems. It looks like a really interesting position. They make particle accelerators for PET (positron emission Topography) imaging. This is used in cancer detection amongst other things. It is as an installed base engineer, which is a fancy name for an internal service engineer. We get the service reports from the field and assess if there is a quality issue with the machines, make sure it is fixed and then ensure it is implemented properly.

I applied for it in the middle of October and had the interview about four weeks ago so it is starting to get a little frustrating. I really want to know about it as the money in the bank dwindles but I will find out in the first week of the new year so Bugger!

Lots has happened. I went to some friends of Paulas childs baptism which was really cool. It is the second church service I have been to since I got to Sweden and the second for about 5 years! (Not including funerals) It is funny to hear exactly the same hymns in Swedish instead of English though. It was a lot of fun even if we were late and the whole church congregation watched us run up to the church while talking on the mobile (sorry again Linda and Niklas!!) The baby (Tidle) is extremely cute and was extremely well behaved the whole service. It must take after its mother, but thats another story!

I have been into Stockholm a couple of times for dinner. The last time was with a couple of friends of Paulas Maria and Olof. Olof is a very good climber who is coming to Oz for a month and a half or so. If anyone is interested in showing them around (nudge, nudge) I would love to field offers. I may be contacting certain individuals closer to the date to apply more pressure.

I have finished my Swedish course at the Folksuniversitet and am continuing at the SFI (free government run course). We had a really cool dinner where almost all the group came with partners to a Greek restaurant. It was heaps of fun. More nationalities than you can poke a stick at around the table. Italian, Russian, Australian, Swedish, Dutch, Finnish, Latvian, Iranian, Argentinean and Egyptian. Unfortunately the Chinese, Thai, Japanese and Columbian people could not come so As you can see we have quite a range of people in the course. Three doctors, five engineers amongst other degrees as well so there is no shortage of smarts! The course is going really well and I can hold conversations in Swedish now without causing people too much pain.

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