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An Australian in Uppsala
21st January 2003


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First day on the new job!!

Hello my avid readers (that is assuming anyone reads this damn page). I have a job!!!!! If you have been following Alice's adventures in Wonderland I had a job possibility at GE Medical Systems in Uppsala which looked promising. They took three months to make up their minds and in the meantime a company cakked Tobii ( came along and talked to me.
They make some really cool eye tracking equipement and need a salesman. Well that is me! This is the end of my first day on the job and it has been fun. I got to have a good play on the system and it seems to be great.
I've got to go as I have one email to write and then a train to catch but there will be much more frequent updates now.
PS Bugger about Hewitt going out of the Aussie Open

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