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An Australian in Uppsala
20th September 2002


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I hate Macs!! More wierd Swedish stuff

Damn I hate Macs! Paula has a Mac at work and it is the only machine I have full access to at the moment (that has Word on and I can save files, install stuff etc). I can't open my CV because it locks up the machine (so much for the more stable operating system). I can't get my digi to work on this alleged computer. It doesn't see the camera. This after struggling through getting the thing to download the new firmware to the camera (which worked by the way) because the new version of Nikon View (for Macs) requires it.

ARGG Macs also have no End key so you can't just get to the end of your line and the Cntl arrow shortcut doesn't work. All in all they suck!! Anyway I'm sure everyone knew this.

One more wierd thing in Sweden. I got a cold for a couple of days. New bugs and all. Anyway I was pathetic as usual when I get sick and I asked Paula to get me some Sudafed or the Swedish equiv. with Psuedoefidrine (spelling??) in it. Turns out you can only get this in this country with a prescription thus no cold and flu tablets, no Codral (how am I supposed to soldier on??) There are only crappy herbal "remedies" that never even look like helping. Suppose I will be extra pathetic in this country.

You also can't buy tissues at the Supermarket. You can only get them from the chemist. How wierd is that? Doesn't anyone in this country blow their nose? What about all the other really useful things that you do with tissues?

Anyway apart from this things are going fine. It is starting to get a little colder the thing is that our house is always the smae temperature. You never have to turn on the heater because it never turns off. How cool (or in this case warm) is that? We haven't touched it from the warm weather and sometimes we have to open the door outside because it is too hot. 5 degrees outside 25 inside! Very toasty. Been cooking alot. It has been very nice except for bench space and dishes! There is never enough of the first one and always too many of the second!

We have Jamie Oliver's new show on every day so it has got me a little excited about cooking. Went shopping at 8:30pm because of a spinach and ricotta cantelloni he had on. It turn out not too bad either. It wasn't ready until 11pm though!

Talk to you all soon!

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