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An Australian in Uppsala
24th August 2002


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My Melbourne going away party

Well I have to say I went out with a bang! This has to be the best party we had in a series of pearlers. For those interested in statistics I will give you some on my personal performance. 1/2 a litre of 50% vodka, 4 vodka jellies, at least 3 drinks at the Nightcat and a glass of white wine. These numbers are approximate as things started to get blurry.
Anyway we had a great BBQ with those magnificent pork chops. Some fantastic salads and magnificent desert (many thanks Juliet, Mark, Fliss, Darren and VB). After far too much fun we headed down to the Nightcat and that is where my memory starts to fade out.
I have to say you sent me out with a great night and I have to thank all those that made it along. You made it a memorable evening. Special thatnks to our overseas visitors, I have to say you made it all the more interesting.

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