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An Australian in Uppsala
3rd October 2002


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Started my Swedish course and applied for a couple of jobs

I know it has been a litle while since my last update but... I can't say I have been that busy but I have been enjoying doing nothing for a little while.
I have started my Swedish course at the Folksuniversitet (peoples university). It runs two nights a week, Tuesday and Thursday for three hours a piece. Paula and I are starting to speak a little more Swedish at home but I think I am a few months off being able to easily understand these people. It all leaves me wishing I had Lucy's inbuilt language skills.
I have applied for a few jobs but some I haven't got replies on and others I have had nos. It is a bit of a bugger. I know that if my Swedish was good I would have no problems but ...
Still haven't worked out the camera thing so please be keep crossing your fingers. Talk to you all soon.

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